Modern Day Stained Glass

This artist does some great modern work: artiste_yasemi on Flikr

What does your front door say about you? Does it reflect your personality, your style, your creativity? Do your guests and friends welcome you? There are many ways to add a valuable attraction from the front fence to the front of your home, and one way is to improve it by using glass windows and side lights.

Modern stained glass and beveled glass windows are very popular and have existed for many, many years. They were specially brought to life during the Victorian era. The latches are located on the frame of a door or window and usually have the shape of a long rectangle, fan or semicircle. This type of windows definitely adds attractiveness and decorative character to the front of a house. We all like to personalize the houses we live in, and we want to create spaces that are beautiful to see. The stained glass windows have shown that. These windows can be found in various styles, from Victorian to modern and in a wide range of colors.

The glass windows on the flanks of an entrance door can be truly trans-formative. They add beauty and class to the house, as well as the warmth of the color. I was fortunate to enjoy the beautiful sidelights of my parents’ house as they grew up, and there is no doubt that they slightly increased the value of their main entrance. Many people have commented on it over the years. Unlike the transparent glass side lights, the colored and beveled glasses offer privacy and allow the passage of natural light.

Modern stained glass usage is a valuable asset for any home and it is especially fun to show them where people can appreciate them. If you decorate your main entrance with charming skylights and side lights, passers-by will surely turn their heads and notice the beauty of your home. You can easily find a style, pattern and color scheme that matches your home and you will enjoy viewing it. It is important to build the main entrance that you feel proud of, whether you live in a big city, in a rural city or in the countryside.

Maybe you like nature. Create a scene and create the natural environment from small pieces of glass that are cut into shapes. They can also be more literal. Make still lifes with smaller pieces of glass. Once you have created the pattern, cut and weld the glass to complete the piece. When youstart trying to cut the small pieces, it can be very time consuming and you need to be on point and focused. Taking something like lipodrene elite can give you the edge to not mess up and make quality pieces! It is important to keep in mind that you should try to work with tempered glass when making cuts. Use the pliers to separate the pieces.